Behind the raging horseshoe falls of Niagara there lies a secret like no other, a century old redbrick tunnel painstakingly laid. There is no recorded tally of its human cost but in 1906 it would be the biggest tunnel of its type in the world. The entry cost is a dangerous rappel through the bowels of a decrepit powerstation into this supervillain hideout behind the crashing waterfall.

Three foreigners converged upon Niagara, hearts brimming with equal measures of excitement and anxiousness in attempting what less than a fistful before them had achieved. So the story starts: the tale of how JonDoe, Stoop and dsankt laid their bold plans to sneak into the mighty Confluence, infamous tailrace tunnel of Niagara.

tailrace tunnel during construction. Source Niagara Falls Public Library

Between the Niagara Parkway and the rushing water of the Falls squatly sits the ornate sandstone building of the TPC power house. Buff the dust off the windows with your forearm and take a peek though and you'll see there's a long hall populated by large blue cylindrical generators. This view is just a teaser, a fraction of the building which extends another 10 stories below.

this is important. Diagram modification by JonDoe

The water from the Niagara river flows into the powerstation and is funnelled into the penstock, a massive iron pipe, which descends 8 stories into the wheelpit cavity below the generator hall.  The water plummets into the turbines, spinning them furiously and via huge drive shafts the generators above to create electricity. This huge quantity of water now robbed of their usefulness must be expelled from the turbines. The tailrace tunnels carry this water from the turbine exhausts and dumps it into the back of waterfall. Lucky for us layers of catwalks and ladders encircle the penstock to allow workers/the curious access to wheelpit, and tailraces.The construction of this tunnel was a momentus task (scroll to "THE ELECTRICAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY OF ONTARIO,LIMITED"). Yes I know it looks like a penis.

Night 1

Packed as one does to explore your average average hundred year old 9 meter tall brick tunnel, we rolled out of Toronto towards Niagara.

photo by JonDoe

From the parkway which follows the river we got out first view of the TPC building, like three thrifty smut fiends crammed into a viewing booth we plastered our faces against the car windows, smeared our noses sideways against the glass trying to get a better look. We'd come expecting to find the place abandoned, dark and quiet. Instead the powerstation and its surrounds were a conflagration of temporary fences, cars, halogen floodlights and workmen all together in a giant bubbling cauldron of activity for which we'd not prepared. We knew we'd find a way to sneak past them undetected but as usual early cometh Mr Murphey, his law, and a pile of rectal spanners to insert into our works. The jackhammers echoed loudly from within the plant, tearing apart what one hundred years ago was the pinnacle of electrical generation technology. Two teams were working round the clock on demolitions work inside the powerstation.

looking into the generator hall. Photo Jannx

Swarming with workers or not, we'd come to play in Niagara's belly and nothing would stop. Jondoe wired himself up with a radio mic and scampered off inspect the building for a discreet entrance, finding one where some piping emerged through a temporary hole in the wall. Poking at the outside is all well and good, but the prize is held within. Stoop took this one step further, priming his best british accent and wandering in with the backup plan of playing the lost tourist.

While awaiting Stoop's return we'd seen a few police cars pass, to out ignorance probably just doing the border patrol thing. Reassuringly none paid us any mind, since we had no plausible excuses for a car full of rappelling gear at 4am. While considering Stoop returned with a grin that split his face and explained sans punctuation, breathing or pause: _we_were_in_.

the lower generator hall. Photo by Air33

As the sun was almost cresting the horizon we quickly realised we'd simply run out of time. Shortly after 0500 we boarded the Durgano and drove back to Toronto. It was a solemn drive, a flatline end to the emotional rollercoaster of the night. We were beaten, battered and exhausted but we had our entrance.

Night 2

The following night we slipped into the station as the jackhammers echoed above, intermittently pausing to yelling voices and a flurry of worker activity. The concrete superstructure of the hall supports the massive generators above and provides maintenance access to their lower sides. The workers toiled above, oblivious to our passing as we slinked like rats below.

Separating us from the wheelpit and Niagara's bowels was a giant metal plate. Jondoe peeked cautiously down the hall while Stoop and I heaved at it, straining and pushing hard enough to slide back across the rough floor. Jondoe ran over and the three of us heaved in unison to create a narrow but usable entrance. Light beamed through the scant opening to illuminate a rusty mud covered spiral staircase. Through matted hair and sweat my companions dirt smeared faces grinned at me, no doubt a reflection of my own. As we moved from the lower hall and down into the wheelpit I had to think, where were the save points?

The descent of the wheelpit has been likened by others to a journey into the depths of hell. Our headlamps cut wide shallow arcs through the dense mist, the thick humidity lingered over us constantly and I could almost taste rust in my mouth. The jackhammers above shrunk to a dull monotonous clank in the background accented by the constant dripping of water. Like a vicious poison it seeps through the walls and over the past century bit deeply into every metal surface. We stood above an 8 story drop supported on a pestilence riddled skeleton of steel.

Climbing down a ladder bolted to the Penstock we descended 6 levels passing reams of bright yellow caution tape, I think it read "I Dare You". At the bottom is a level which appeared to stretch the length of the hall above. The floor was constructed of metal I beams upon which sheets of thick mesh were laid a century ago to allow traversal by the workers. Devoured voraciously by the atmosphere the mesh hung in various states of decay, patched in places by rotted timber planks. They did little to reassure anyone crossing this minefield. We peered through the gaping mouth like holes at the fetid water and the distorted metal shapes within it. Turbines, pipes and cogs poked through the water's surface like the ribcage of an ancient dinosaur partially exposed above the desert sands.

Stoop tentatively began towards the upstream end of the powerstation across the worst section of it. With each step slabs of rusty metal broke free, fell for a brief moment then crashed loudly into the water. A fall from that height wouldn't kill unless one were skewered upon the assorted pungi rust sticks below. Stoop clambered across the edge of the walkway taking what scant purchase he could. I worked the other way from the ladder heading downstream into a sturdy concrete area. Every few moments I'd hear splashes as Stoop moved further away.

At the downstream end of the station a once staunch iron door sagged lazily open before a 7ft brick corridor. In the corridor I was engulfed by a howling wind which seemed to pull me into a tall arched chamber along whose upstream edge ran an 80cm slot cordoned off by a rusting metal guard rail. I pushed lightly on the guard rail and it snapped in my hand. A section of rail the length of my forearm clattered through the slot and banged against the insides. A brief silence was followed by a loud splash that knocked my jaw to the floor. Below was the monster.

Previously our friends had managed to reach this point but lacked the gear to continues, we carried with us their hopes. Through the haze the narrow slot yielded a glimpse of ankle deep water rushing past and the echoing crash of the falls. Being able to see the prize but not reach it had tortued our friends a year before.

Whipping out the drill like gunslingers of old the pitch was bolted quickly, though the first anchor was slightly too shallow and would improperly load the bolt. Jondoe muttered uneasily as The Brits finger primed the holes, eased in the bolts, then punched them home with a hammer. The base of the rusty guard rail served as our backup. Our single rope access to the tunnel was literally a lifeline - the only other exit from the tunnel is to brave a plunge into the backside of the falls. If you read the historical document above you'll know it's been done before, we weren't that keen.

Locked, loaded and ready to bust a nut or three. Rust infused backup point, and?

As the most experienced in the manner of Single Rope Technique, Stoop donned his harness and slid over the edge. The rope drew tight, creaked softly and held. The anchors we'd drilled, tiny silver plates bolted into the concrete, showed no movement as Stoop's headlamp was engulfed by the hazy abyss and then he was gone into the tunnel. A few tense moments later his whooping and cheering echoed up the slot and the beam of his maglite beamed towards us victoriously. I jumped into the harness, breathed deeply and succumbed to the beast. Jondoe followed quickly thereafter.

Jondoe in the slot amongst the mist. capture by Stoop

The tunnel is guargantuan and the attention to detail present in such an isolated place is a testament to the construction ethic of generations past. Rough textured granite blocks trimmed the edge of the tunnel downstream of the slot. Their blue grey colour and rugged surface contrasted the smooth redbrick construction of the tunnel itself. Just upstream from our position was the underwater outlet of the subtunnel which joins the tailrace to the turbine exhausts (see diagram top). This is Niagara's belly.

I dunno what's going on with the pose, but fuck those two teabaggers know how to go hardcore. Jondoe representing among ...

Moving downstream we found large sections of the ceiling littered the tunnel floor as shards of brick and mortar. This ominous sign concerned us until we saw the falls and any risk of anything collapsing on our heads was forgotten. The coloured spotlights used to illuminate the falls for the tourist shone through the thick waterfall in a mesmerising rainbow like display. Over the years the mouth of the tunnel has filled with eroded rock creating a picturesque lake the end of the tunnel. A kaleidoscope of colours danced across its surface and the sirens beckoned. We could only oblige. The chilly water crept slowly up our bodies as we inched along the very edge of the tunnel probing with our toes for any sudden drops. The roar grew louder and filled our ears as the falls loomed ominously above us.

From the nipple-deep lake we scrambled onto the pile of rocks and rubble at the tunnel mouth. I stood tall in the maelstrom of water and wind, like a fucking kungfu master weathering the storm upon the mountain top. I was Pei Mei. I was Milamber of the Assembly. The water pelted me from all sides stinging my naked torso. Gusts of furious wind battered me to and fro inside this elemental cauldron. I yelled in unashamed triumph from the depths of my chest for every drop of Niagara's sweet bukkake that stung my face and trickled down my cheeks.

Stoop returned to the rock pile to get some extra footage when something began to collapse at the falls and the sound of crashing rocks filled the tunnel. Stoop frantically scrambled down the rock pile and leapt into the water. If the rock wall collapsed all the water backed up in the tunnel would suck us over the falls. JD and Stoop pushed valiantly through the water making little progress. They were pale faced and exhausted; shivering, shaking and breathing hard. The rumbling stopped and once again the sound of the water alone filled the tunnel.

What words could do justice.

The junction of the two tunnels, the confluence, is an immense underground space unlike any I've experienced before. Again the details are striking - acutely angled steel plates layer over the brick wedge where the tunnels merge. Metal supports hang from the ceiling which appear to have originally suspended a walkway. Consider for a moment the men a century ago who walked through this tunnel, who built it with their bare hands. They'd been involved in something special, something groundbreaking for their era. We felt very fortunate to experience their handiwork up close and personal.

Standing at the junction just drooling the night away. The supports in the roof appear to be for a suspended walkway (wa...

Jondoe scooted up through the slot and left me under the instruction of Stoop for the awkward art of ascending. We snapped a group photo, stowed and stashed our gear, bid the tunnel goodbye and began the ascent back through the station's rusty bowels. All traces of our visit were removed and at 0330 we slipped out of the powerstation, cloaked by the noise of the jackhammers above.

The tailrace is supervillain heaven. We may not have found the dim candle lit chamber wherein lies a throne of dinosaur bones, a horde of zombie fetuses and platinum chasises of embalming fluid but this would have been the place. A supervillain hideout, one any evil-doer of suitably ill repute would be proud to call it home. I hope we did it justice.

Respect and shouts to Kowalski and Siologen for their help. Thanks to st00p and JD, Team Conf.

About the author

Found frigid and dying in the snow by a passing missionary at the abandoned Soviet airbase in Choir, Mongolia, little dsankt never had a chance. The Dreams Foundation granted his wish to one day travel the world, thinking he'd only last a month or so. To everyone's amazement he's still going strong. When asked for comment the foundation's treasurer would only say, "The little mongrel cunt just won't fucking die, it's costing us a fortune!"

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This is fanastically exciting. I get tingly reading this....Mindblowing UE, no doubt.
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fuck me drunk! damn thats some shit I've been dreaming about for a loooooong time! t-minus six weeks until States Bust Up 2007 on my 2006-2007 World Domination Tour ... looks totally fuggin rad! kudos and peace out, DurgiNinjizzlE
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best UE trip ever!!!! DS, i will remember this trip always!!! GO TEAM CONF
Siologen   2006-11-24 00:53
Fuckin. Rad.!
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there are no words to describe this. Not sure if you're insane or what the deal is, but either way... fuuuuck.
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Awe-inspiring stuff.
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hey thanks for the photo credit. Class to do that, most don't. Amazing journey and writing
dsankt   2006-11-24 08:26
Ahoy jannx no probs, I owe you more for letting me use your shot. Twas a ridiculous adventure - I have this happy little aura that won't go away :)
Jondoe_264   2006-11-25 02:05
A fantastical tale of unmitigated adventure! When you find/hear of something to match it, we're there! : )
Skaught   2006-11-25 04:46
You forever have my respect. You are in the same league as Ninj and Max Action in my books. I am disapointed my ladder was not any help to Siolo's attempt but glad the title could go to such a worthy explorer none the less.
watchtherocks   2006-11-25 10:38
FUCK-ING A. I've seen bars set, but never this high.
Sgt Marshall   2006-11-27 01:48
Well that surpassed even my wildest expectations, fark dude, I thought I was jealous of your expo reports 6 months ago, now I'm just sulking in a corner. Haha.
Flame   2006-11-28 08:34
well done. makes me want to drop everything and do it. fandaaamtastic. inspires me to keep breaking limits.
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Wow sounds fuckin amazing wish i had the balls to do summet like that truly mind blowing!!
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Unfuckingbelievable! This has to be the finest most dedicated bit of UE I have ever seen. How you guys can fit those melon sized bollocks into your pants i'll never know!!!!
dsankt   2006-12-01 03:07
Bollocks is the greatest word. Glad yall enjoyed the ride... now buy a plane ticket and go kick ass and chew bubblegum.
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that was fucking astounding!!!!!!!!
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Nice story but your prose is a little sickening.
dsankt   2006-12-27 08:24
Sickening? You don't suck embalming fluid from the wrinkly toes of decapitated infants? You're missing out son.
Andrew   2007-01-01 08:25
AWESOME stuff mate. Heaps more fun than The Maid Of The Mist!
Hairy Potter   2007-01-13 05:40
That my friend is fucking legendary. Congratulations to you all.
Bryan   2007-01-13 10:51
dskant, I've met you once.. and I only have this to say. You are fucking amazing. And I seriously envy you.
Medjhai   2007-01-15 13:55
I salute you boys.. :P you will be an inspiration for many an urban rappeller /explorer out there
Jason   2007-01-18 02:52
So Im planning an expedition of three to do the same trip as you here, but we've only goten as far as the turbine in the past, any help on the whole rapeling part?
dsankt   2007-01-18 05:40
Before you even think about attempting this remember your rope is the only way out other than plunging into the falls. If you've no experience setting anchors, evaluating someone else's anchors, descending, ascending and self rescue then learn somewhere forgiving. Confluence is not forgiving. Also consider the risk you would put emergency workers in should something go really wrong. I've no idea of the present state of the ps.
Menoetes   2007-01-18 06:26
It's a dick, a phallic symbol! Just like the tv remote and bananas. another monument to mens patriachial mentallity and the repression of womens rights for centuries! they should tear it down and build one that looks like a giant vaigina! Power to the bitches! And we should destroy bananas while we're at it.
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howcome no pics of the niagara falls before you enter the tunnel? :) great adventure you guys had..
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That was just fucking amazing. Kudos on this one.
Pete Hagola   2007-01-19 18:14
Really phantastic story! And nice pictures as well!
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Brilliant! Terribly jealous... Thanks for the photos and the narrative... About as good as it gets vicariously!
scotty3968   2007-01-24 12:29
totally amazing guys,,you got some bottle to do that,,,,brilliant
frans   2007-01-24 23:38
I noticed a few more things. One, they refused to allow people on the team who had been there before and knew of the hazards and pitfalls (no pun intended). they used one (1) descent line with no back up. The descent line had no edge protection. When they traversed the rotten catwalks, he says how the leader went one way and he decided to go another, and then waited for the possibility to hear his team member's scream if he (team member) fell to his death. They did not belay each other across those rotten catwalks. In fact no mention of belay was made at all. The guy says he 'learned' how to ascend for the first time on this climb. How much you want to bet that they would go running for help if something went wrong? At what expense? I see this as a travesty in many different ways. It would be good if the people in charge made a pictorial of the inner workings of this plant- it would be fasinating. because it truly is an awe inspiring place to see. This narrative also is one of the worst 'ninja' climbs I have seen. Tottally unsafe, no regard for team work, and exposing any potential rescuers to immense personal hazard. In the thread, 'dirty Jobs', (I did not read the whole thread) mention was made of the lack of safety gear on the job. Good grief! Was ANY technique done correctly in this 'ninja' climb? How are we as climbers going to build respect in our trade with this kind of stuff going on?
dsankt   2007-01-25 02:48
1. Maybe you prefer the guided tour, congrats.
2. One rope is a common caving setup.
3. There was edge protection. See photo above.
4. You chose to ignore the position of the 3rd person. Assume less.
5. No belay was used across the dodgy floors, dangerous? Yes.
5. Ascending a single short pitch is child's play pussy cat.
6. You're right, rescuers would have been in danger. A risk we were comfortable with. We didn't expect anyone to be coming after us.

Totally unsafe? No teamwork? Easy to say sitting in your comfy chair at home talking out your ass. Unless you were there and saw how well we operate take your lip service elsewhere.
3xTom   2007-01-29 05:18
Did I see a bottle of Captain in that bag you took with you?
dsankt   2007-02-06 04:33
Sorry 3xTom, no Morgan. However, I did purloin a bottle of 1800 Tequila from this one guy. He still doesn't know!
fatlouie   2007-02-23 18:27
Let me back up everyone else... simply amazing. I read this when you first posted it, skimmed through, and didnt really read it. Returning to it now, I realize just how breathtaking this adventure was. Congratulations, mr. most extreme urbex ninja ever
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and yes, hermaphrodite midgets are off the chain son
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Great pics! Gr, Bart
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i've been to Niagara Falls in august '02 and i've visited the tunnels underneath the horseshoe / CA falls, so this story makes me tremble with anxiety. Damn, this is 100% Goonies adventure you guys had! Hey You Guys!!! BIG RSPCT! Benny G.
Dreamer   2007-03-26 17:38
What happened to the dead baby floater?
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Was it Stoop or JohnDoe that got some video footage? I'd love to use some of the footage if I could.
Valintino   2007-05-18 07:44
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
dsankt   2007-06-16 17:20
Kaos - Stoop got a bunch of footage but he's been sitting on it for months now. I don't even know if he has a rough cut yet. Dreamer - it just floated away!
evologiq   2007-06-20 12:05
Great pictures and nice story :) And i agree to #47 about pic2 ;)
Vilyambu   2007-08-03 01:00
Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!
jtcolfax   2007-08-28 15:59
This place looks familiar. Is it at 623 East 68th Street Apt. 3d? Seriously though. These are the sorts of photos one sees in thier mind again even months after viewing them here.
Peter Nordcap   2007-08-28 17:32
Some scary pictures ;) And also very impressive. Thanks for sharing this story and the pictures. I like them.
M. Reynolds   2007-09-23 01:20
WOW. You gentlemen are thoroughly amazing. Thanks for the inspirato. Plugging this site in my blog....nnnnnnnnnnnow.
Buffalo resident   2007-09-30 08:46
Really cool. Everyone one in this area knows about the current power plants on both sides of the falls that dump out past the falls into the river, but I didn't know there were (mostly) dry old abandoned tunnels from an old power plant that dumped out into the back side of the falls. Hope you don't mind if I share this site with some WNY forums
Another Buffalo Resident   2007-09-30 18:12
Awesome adventure! Reminds me of the time we (as teenagers) took rubber rafts into a flooded mineshaft to the end, with Coleman lanterns for light. We didn't tell anyone we were going, so if something had happened no one would have known where to look for us. There is yet another outlet below the falls, but it might be difficult to access what with all the tourism, etc. It's down at river level. Well done!
Another Buffalo Resident   2007-09-30 18:16
A couple pics of that lower entrance:
Another Buffalo Resident   2007-09-30 20:45
Thanks for the links. Fantastic photos! Especially the ones of the tailrace and the falls. Niagara Falls just happens to be one of my favorite subjects. I'd like to know how you guys got there. Check your mail.
RESQME   2008-01-20 23:29
did you write your name in the grease on the switch locker level.
Richard   2008-01-22 14:02
Hey guys, thanks for sharing this with the world. This is the second time I've read it and I am still amazed. Just wanted to say thanks and to see if Stoop had gotten off his ass and got a rough cut done. p.s. The way you wrote the story is very impressive! Good work.
Richard   2008-01-22 14:03
btw, I'm from the falls.
dsankt   2008-01-23 22:01
RESQME, did I? Richard, thanks for the props and no Stoop is still being a lazy ass. The video is simply an intro so far - I think they're aiming for the two year anniversary!
RESQME   2008-01-26 23:47
ya just wondering i was in there last week and i was on the switchlocker level where everyone had engraved there names on this machine that had hard grease on it. It was cool there was names on there with 1955 on it
dsankt   2008-01-27 11:26
I don't even remember that, don't suppose you nabbed a photo? It could be a ds imposter!
richRichard M. Coffman   2008-02-01 02:14
I'm busy writing a novel with Niagara Falls as the setting--in both New York and Ontario. I have a scene where several climbers rappel down from the Scenic Tunnels Viewing Portals to the rock ledge below and behind the horseshoe. I'd like to know if there's any other means of access to the 20 foot ledge behind the horseshoe??? If you have any information please contact me. I've never been able to get a straight answer to this question.
MJR   2008-02-21 16:29
Fucking unbelievable. Legendary story.
Hellend   2008-03-13 04:32
Woah. That's cool. I dont think I quite have the chemical [im]balance to dice with death but I kinda wish I did looking at that. Nice write-up too... you remind me of my father.
db0956   2008-05-03 23:41
Thanks for sharing these pics. Please post video if you have any. I would love to see this wonderful sight for myself, but don't know how to plan the adventure, especially living over 1,000 miles away.
Hiposaasa   2008-07-22 03:40
OOO, Interesting story))
Chris Irwin   2008-07-24 08:01
I was driving past that station last night! What amazing photos! 5 years ago I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the nearby Rankine Station built around the same time. I am a local Niagara history writer and I can't thank you enough for the amazing insight (no pun intended) into this incredible piece of our history. My favaourite historical photo is from August of 1918 when two men were rescued from the stranded scow and pulled to the roof of this station by means of a breeches buoy. Chris Irwin St. Catharines, Ontario
Erik   2011-09-05 11:09
Such interesting read and information, thanks for sharing this post ..............
Jess   2008-10-24 13:00
Fucking amazing. You have the guts I wish I had!
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Great pics, great story, fucking amazing, good work guys!
HairyMan   2008-11-11 22:42
Not bad... Not bad.
goblinmerchant   2008-11-25 09:47
Wow. This made me shudder with fear and excitement. Truly one of the most remarkable explores I have ever seen.

Fantastic work.
Nude_Older_Women   2008-12-29 07:33
I love this site. Totally awesome and I guess this can be very usefull in life!
Heyyysoon   2009-01-07 20:25
sooooooooooooooooooo fake!!!!!!!!!
Ogof   2009-01-09 21:45
You are giants among men. I speak as a retired caver/cavediver who can appreciate the adventure and I have much respect for what you do.

Scieron   2009-02-02 19:54
Brave Dudes! Respect!
11yearold   2009-03-31 23:31
wow bad languge
king ronald   2009-04-02 10:39
| / / / /|
| / / / / |
| / / / / |
-------------------- -------------------- ----- XD nice story mate modda focka
Haxwnbzs   2009-05-11 02:46
magic story very thanks
david   2009-05-27 04:09
this seems like it was an amazing adventure. i'll be telling this tale to my friends
missy   2009-06-03 15:54
this is fabulous!! Most wonderful pictures & writing! Thanks so much for sharing. Look forward to your next adventure.
Sue   2009-06-19 18:31
Awesome -- just finished a book called "City of Light", has a lot about building the power station and tailrace. There are estimated that the human cost was one life per day . . .
jealous, Hull, UK   2009-07-01 01:12
just astounding.. a right rivetting read, and CLASS photography. brill!
Mike   2009-07-20 17:45
Did you guys go up either of the tunnels at the junction to the turbine? Would it have been too steep? I understand the whole length of the tailrace is about 2000 feet, but how long is the big tunnel to the falls after the two smaller ones come together? Thanks...
foudurail   2009-07-27 20:36
Nice reportage!
chequerry   2009-10-04 08:26
Hello! Depressing klooper for my english jer, buti danged nice re say gJ$)Kd!!!.
thecleaner   2009-10-07 11:25
excellent coverage, I've followed the exploits of several of you gents for a couple of years now - a worthy task! thanx for showing us these adventures, especially this particular expidition. Regards and Respect in equal measures.
thecleaner, north london.
Mark18   2009-10-22 12:50
Firstly, there are a finite number of primes p where the reduction of E to p is bad for one reason or another; we multiply all these primes p together to form the conductor N, which then gets carried along throughout the rest of the construction. ,
Maxwell   2009-12-14 23:55
Dude. That is motherfuckin BAD. ASS.
snapeazy   2009-12-15 18:58
I hear it doesn't count unless you all go to the waterfall. Nice try though, and makes for interesting reading nonetheless.
Reed100   2010-02-20 23:49
I'll wait to read about this experience when someone with more than a third grade literary ability decides to write about it. This narrative is fine except for the juvenile attitude throughout. But that is apparently your audience.
dsankt   2010-02-21 05:19
Reed100, thankfully I do this as a hobby and make no money (quite the contrary actually) from running this site nor partaking in the activities presented. Keeping this in mind I am free to write about it in whatever manner I see fit, irrespective of how that fits with your apparent sense of entitlement to be entertained. If at any time you find the contents of this site juvenile or offensive, you're welcome to go fuck yourself. Also, you'd have done better to come with a more coherent argument - or at least one where your first 2 sentences don't contradict each other. Cheerio!
Luger   2010-02-27 07:32
So It's been what 3-4 years, any videos yet? I heard they sealed the wheel pit over, making access to the tunnels impossible. Is this correct? This is my first introduction to this sub-culture, and I never knew such things were attempted. Crazy shit.
dsankt   2010-02-27 08:48
To my knowledge the guy with the footage is still sitting on it, with no immediate intentions of finishing it. I haven't been there since my second visit (2007) and I'm not going to speculate further on the state of the wheelpit. However, I did hear the building has been sealed up fairly well recently.
Nerevarine   2010-03-01 02:19
Sounds like a grand adventure!! You guys are awesome, wish i could have been there with you. Thanks for including all of the explinations and charts. Great story telling too.
teksfoesemoks   2010-03-29 13:26
i definitely love all your writing choice, very helpful,
don't quit and keep writing in all honesty , because it simply just nicely to follow it.
impatient to view much more of your current stories, enjoy your day ;)
dsankt   2010-05-08 10:26
Thanks for all the comments, four years on and it's still one of my favourite adventures. It will need something special to knock it off the perch.
Jose Ferguson   2010-08-16 05:41
Sincerest Bows of Honor... Thank You...You've inspired me like nothing of this world ever could...... BUT PLEASE : PuLEASE ! ! ! Tell me there are more pictures archived (of any sort) than just these precious few ! Anymore of the Falls or the flooded turbine hall/pit ? (fingers z ) My lord what a document though! You guys are the I's T's of "It" ! BUT: Could Stoop have bravely probed the treacherous upstream route, while still documenting the flooded decay? Whatof the return? Bows Deeply to your Honor and Valor
dsankt   2010-08-16 18:05
There is always Kowalski's excellent site, a must read resource. There's little upstream of the slots where we entered the tunnel, just the turbine exhausts which enter into the tunnel through the floor.
Jose Ferguson   2010-08-17 08:29
I've still got fingers crossed for more than one pic of the treacherous and flooded TurbineHall/Wheelpit . That's the stuff of horrific nightmares and ancient industrial decay...and you guys braved your way past it to the slit down into the tailrace! (Stoop *please* show us more!) Please tell me that the submerged horrors of this flooded pit have been documented from above...PLEASE! B TW: Doesn't that flooded chamber make anybody up on the surface wonder if the turbines weren't decommisioned properly, since the exhaust/outlet obviously isn't draining properly into the tailrace for it to have flooded so deeply above itself like that ! ! ! Regardless of any future repairs/expeditions. ..I salute you all, and hope to see more...Expecting that the deep and clangorous metallic tones and eternal reverberations of of your well-tempered stainless steel balls ring on forever - through proper archiving/display of your daring feats on that fateful night ;-)
Ian Kellett   2010-10-03 16:36
Bad ass!! Nice work men, Give me a call if you want to film it next time! Ian@iankell
thecleaner   2010-11-18 10:28
I've returned here after a little while and am suitably over AWED and SHOCKed - all over again! I love the accounts of these extraordinary explorations. Can't sing your praises high-enough. Major Stuff - Max Respect Is it lost to all now? I heard they were sorta sealed, is that true
Posters   2011-03-04 19:47
I get tingly reading this....Mindblowing UE, no doubt.
Мне на кризис наплевать, вылез в топе гоу бухать   2011-04-27 21:50
Мне на кризис наплевать, вылез в топе гоу бухать
PS3 игры   2011-04-27 22:13
Did you guys go up either of the tunnels at the junction to the turbine? Would it have been too steep?
dsankt   2011-08-05 15:24
The tunnels which join the rear of the turbine are flooded, as you can see in the schematic (2nd pic from the top).
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yeni oyunlar   2011-10-08 23:06
I love the accounts of these extraordinary explorations. Can't sing your praises high-enough.
Mark Richards   2011-10-12 05:56
Another job well done. Absolutely love the pictures that you take. Though having the locals as company would not be as fun as exploring the whole place yourself. This would definitely be a great hiding place for super villains if they exist. If they did, you would have found it first.
Melynda Walchli   2011-10-16 12:19
for one's marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and definitely will come back later on. I want to encourage one to continue your great writing, have a nice morning!
Stacey Bequette   2011-11-27 14:04
Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear." She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!
Doug   2012-01-18 12:42
What is a Dsankt?
Stephen Lindow   2012-02-09 17:32
Dear Dsankt, as I'm sure you've seen already, 'Crack The Surface pt. 2' has a brief film clip of the Niagara outfall. Twelve golden thank yous to you and all for posting these fascinating journeys. I've been reading Kowalski, Siologen and your sites for years now---have driven from MA for Burlington drains & Niagara. Kudos. Keep it Dark.
dsankt   2012-02-20 21:02
Yes sir!
xtopherhellfire   2012-04-30 03:04
Wow! That was a thrilling read! Last time I was at the Falls we took so many photos of the outside I was just mesmerized by the outside! Having seen your pics and read of your adventure I know now the draw of that place is the adventure waiting to be had!
Melissa   2012-06-04 11:55
Wow! I just got back from Niagara Falls and as a paranormal investigator/urban explorer/lover of history and all that encumbusses it I am in awe at this story. What an amazing feat for the 3 of you! Kudos, and thank you for sharing!
mackattack   2012-10-12 18:11
is this building still around?
Agnes   2012-11-06 06:48
Wonderful work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the net.
Shannon Ryan   2012-12-10 20:40
Wow, amazing, they could shoot a whole season of The Walking Dead down there! Great photos by the way, creepy, yet sexy!
George Hamilton   2012-12-10 20:41
Amazing, didn't know this existed under the falls. A bit creepy, but cool
Gina   2012-12-10 20:41
Beautiful photos, didn't know this existed. You guys are brave venturing in there!
neva masquerade   2013-01-30 21:09
looks like WOW
SittingMoose Shaman   2013-11-18 00:06 of a few rather nice hide outs. Though, a bit on the damp side...these tubes have proven very suitable. The shielding on my inter-dimensional corvette keeps everything close in nice, and dry...those turbine exhaust portals do sure make effective moats...! Now that the crews have secured a sarcophagus up top I may pursue my plans for these regions in relative peace... Even though I live in here every now and then. Your adventure(s) I found most gratifying...if not tinged with a gilding of their very own flavour of 'villainy', I dare say. Do be safe out...or 'in' there...
ElCantinero1   2013-12-25 19:10
Found your site from Moses Gates' book "Hidden Cities".
SaturnNyne   2014-01-14 18:37
Have you seen photos of the falls without water? theatlanticc ifestyle/2014/01/wha t-niagara-falls-look s-without-water/8086 / Since there's such a huge rock pile built up against the face, is it possible that the debris at the end of the tunnel is held in place at the edge by the piled rocks? The diagram and description here suggest that the tailrace is about 100' below the top of the falls, and the falls are only 167' high, so it sounds like you must have been only about 1/3rd of the way up the face, yet in the photos of the dry section, the rocks appear to rise halfway up the face or more. If the water were shut off over the section where the tunnel exits, assuming it's similar to the section pictured, might someone then be able to climb up the rock pile and right into the tunnel? Or does the tunnel actually exit higher than that somehow, or in a much less rocky section?
Flora Huang   2014-02-17 11:40
I am dying to see your next tour. Because this was the assume. I feel it by heart.